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aHa! 1Way XLS add-in add-in for Mindmanager 9 Export MindManager's task information into task lists in Excel.
Size: 2.85MB
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Add Email Address add-in for Outlook automatically add email addresses to any contacts folder.
Size: 7.01MB
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microsoft publisher viewer smart movie software  
Add Procedure With Code Add-In There is already a utility that comes with VB 5.0 to add a procedure to your code. The problem I have with it is that you always have to type in generic error handling code with each procedure. I have
Size: 23K
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type error procedure econometric procedure vote procedure  
Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in (MOSA) Send SMS messages through a GSM mobile phone connected to your computer.
Size: 1.27MB
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GSM phone GSM mobile phone GSM mobile network  
Office Add-in: Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office Insert a Creative Commons license to your document.
Size: 7.52MB
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Creative Commons License Creative Commons Inseration  
Add++ Create your own contact database with the help of this tool.
Size: 9.8 MB
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Create Creator generate contact database create contact  

Add-in in tags

ODF Add-in for Microsoft Office The goal for this project is to provide translators to allow for interoperability between applications based on ODF (OpenDocument) standards (currently ODF 1.1) and Microsoft OpenXML based Office appl
Size: 4.2 MB
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office Office Add-in OpenXML Viewer View ODF Add-in ODF  
TimeCard for Outlook Using this software, you can report your time to an Access or SQL Server database, directly or via an ASP-page.
Size: 8.5 MB
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customize Add-in Outlook add-in Outlook time card  
Dupe Remover for Outlook Remove duplicate Outlook tasks, notes, journals with this powerful Outlook add-in.
Size: 723 KB
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Add-in outlook Remover Outlook add-in  
Qt Visual Studio Add-in create, build, debug and run Qt applications from within Microsoft Visual Studio
Size: 38.6 MB
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development application development Add-in  
HPGL Import for SolidWorks HPGL Import for SolidWorks is an add-in for SolidWorks
Size: 293.0 KB
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import Add-in SolidWorks HPGL Import SolidWorks add-in  
C-Sharpener for VB Convert Visual Basic .NET to C#.
Size: 3.75MB
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convert Add-in microsoft Visual Basic add-in  

Add-in in description

Add Email Address Add Email Address is a small Outlook Add-in that allows you to automatically add email addresses to any contacts folder. Become more organized by setting up the add-in to show you each name it adds (i...
Size: 7 MB
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automate contact manager Contact outlook add contact  
Complete Excel Names Complete Excel Names is a free COM Add-in that allows you to set the width of the Name Box in Microsoft Excel. The add-in is based on Add-in Express technology ( and desig...
Size: 867K
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Excel add-in Set Column Width Excel Add In Excel Add-on  
Add-in Information Lister Add-in Information Lister not only provides a way to list your add-ins , but it provides easy access to installed VBA add-ins and the COM Add-ins. COM add-in access is difficult to do in Excel. Remova...
Size: 313.5K
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manager Add-in Excel Add-Ins Access Add-in Excel add-in  
Slim Add-on Manager
Size: 30 KB
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resize shrink firefox add-on  
Togglify Add-on Toggler
Size: 54 KB
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addon firefox firefox addon Toggle  
Duplicate Eliminator Bundle Are you thinking about getting more than one or two of our duplicate eliminator Add-ins? If so, then the Eliminator Bundle is what you need. It includes all 8 of the duplicate eliminator add-ins for a...
Size: 8.1 MB
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duplicate outlook Remover Duplicate Remover